Daisy Ridley Asks Fans to Stop Pirating The Force Awakens


verizon-force-awakens-tv-spotOne of the more popular emerging memes on the Internet is coming from Tumblr where Star Wars fans are making tributes to Rey using photos from the movie. The problem is that these images and videos they’re using are coming from illegally filmed versions of the movie, which is piracy.

Daisy Ridley used a Facebook post today (she doesn’t have a Twitter) to urge fans to stop posting pictures from the movie that were taken in the theater:


We’ve posted before about why you shouldn’t hunt down a bootleg of The Force Awakens, and I’ve actually started to get a bit annoyed at how often those pirated images have popped up. An image filmed off a screen just looks like crap. The movie will be out on Blu-Ray and digitally soon enough. Either have some patience or go pay for it in theaters (I have, six times!).