What Does The Force Awakens Flashback Really Show?


Force Awakens Flashback

“Through the Force, things you will see. Other places. The future…the past. Old friends long gone.”
– Yoda

By far one of the most talked about scenes in The Force Awakens is the flashback, but there’s also a lot of confusion over what is going on in it.

This is what the movie shows when Rey touches the lightsaber:

  • The hallway on Bespin (where Luke lost the saber).
  • Luke placing his hand on Artoo outside something that’s burning (his academy).
  • Kylo and the Knights of Ren murdering some people (more on this shortly).
  • Rey being dropped of on Jakku as a young child.
  • Kylo coming at Rey in the forest from the end of the movie.

Those who followed the spoilers for the movie know that this flashback has been cut down a lot from what was apparently filmed. This also has led some to believe the scene with Kylo is where he is killing Luke’s Jedi, however that scene is shown after we see Luke placing his hand on Artoo at the burning academy.

Originally (and this could end up in the deleted scenes on the Blu-Ray) the flashback showed that the people Kylo was killing were actually Rey’s “clan”. It appears that they bought the Skywalker lightsaber off a wealthy trader to use as protection, which didn’t work out well for them in the end. Rey’s people are killed and Maz picks up the saber from the carnage…which is her story for another time.

Then we see Rey being dropped off on Jakku and her future duel against Kylo in the woods of the Starkiller Base.

It’s a Force vision, much like what Luke had on Dagobah when he saw a city in the clouds and his friends in pain. Rey saw the history of the saber. From its loss on Bespin long before she was born to when the saber first came into her life when her “clan” used it against the “seven”, the seven members of the Knights of Ren. She then saw her future, which is also connected to the saber, when she would fight Kylo Ren with it in a snowy forest.

Hopefully the deleted scenes on the Blu-Ray includes more of the flashback stuff that was apparently filmed last summer. If not, maybe a future comic or book will fill in those gaps for one of the most interesting parts of The Force Awakens.