Watch a 20-Minute Preview for the X-Files Revival!


New X-Files Footage

Fox has released a very good twenty-minute behind-the-scenes special for the X-File Revival that begins in late January.

The special talks a lot about brining the show back, and reveals where the Mythology will fit in. Episodes 1 and 6 will be Mythology episodes with the four they bookend being standalone monster-of-the-week episodes. One of those will also be a humorous one, which is something the show was known to do from time to time.

Carter also “confirmed” that the saucer crash is the Roswell crash. He danced around it on camera, but the very next shot showed concept art for the “1947 crash”, which pinpoints that to Roswell. He also said they will respected what happened to the Cigarette Smoking Man in the series finale, so hopefully we get an explanation of how he survived that explosion.

You can watch the special below: