Disney Releases a Special Force Awakens Oscar Promo Album


finn-forest-lightsaberJohn Williams could earn his 50th Oscar nomination for The Force Awakens, and to help that along Disney has released a special promo version of the soundtrack with thirteen minutes of music not on the retail release.

Some things included in the soundtrack now on the retail one is the full attack on the Jakku village, Rey’s lunchtime, Finn in the desert, more tracks from on the Falcon, and Finn & Poe’s reunion. It’s still not 100% complete as to what’s in the movie, as the “Burning Homestead” theme heard at one of the most epic moments in the movie is still not included.

The soundtrack was posted in streaming form on the Walt Disney Studios Awards site, but fans found the actual MP3 files on the site for download. You can find complete links to the 160kbps MP3s over on the John Williams Fan Network. I’d grab them quickly as it’s not known how long Disney will keep their Oscar site up with the soundtrack.