Could We See Ant Man Grow Huge in Civil War?



LEGO has posted their early 2016 catalog and inside are looks at new Marvel and DC sets including those for Batman V Superman and Captain America: Civil War. I’ve said myself in the past that it’s never a good idea to try to figure out plot points from LEGO sets as many are made just for playability or cool factor and not necessarily reflect what can happen in a movie.

But the Civil War airport battle set is interesting as it includes a giant Ant Man figure you can build. Comic fans know that Ant Man can reverse the shrinking power to become giant man, and that ability hasn’t been introduced in the MCU yet. So including something like that in a set based on a MCU movie would be strange unless that’s a concept they’ll be introducing in the Civil War movie.

We do know there is an airport battle in Civil War, and this image shows that something bad happens to War Machine during it:

Could that damage to the terrain there be caused by a giant Ant Man fighting War Machine? Possibly. Then again it could just be a very cool liberty LEGO took with the building set.