Another Nail in the \’Snoke is Plageuis\’ Coffin


supreme-commander-snokeEven though the movie is in theaters now and we’ve seen Supreme Leader Snoke, there is still a group of people on the internet who really want to believe he’s Darth Plageuis. Despite the design in the movie not looking anything like a Munn (you can argue the canonical nature of that all you want, but apparently Lucas said he was a Munn and that there is canon), people keep clinging to the hope that a character mentioned in one scene of a Prequel would be a major character in a trilogy set sixty years later.

According to an image in the Art of the Force Awakens book that hit stores today, Supreme Leader Snoke almost became female at one point.

Since Palpatine clearly refers to Plagueis as a “he”, if the character of Snoke was going to be female at one point there’s no way that Snoke is really Plagueis in disguise like so many people want him to be. In fact it may have been a good idea for Abrams to have Snoke be female in the movie as that probably would’ve squashed the dumb “Snoke is Plagueis theory before it even started.