5 Things from The Force Awakens Marketing NOT in the Movie



JJ Abrams has already said there was about twenty to thirty minutes cut from the first version of The Force Awakens, which means there may be a lot of deleted scenes. That also means a lot of stuff used in the marketing of the movie actually didn’t make it into the final cut that was released in theaters today. Here are five things you won’t be seeing:

Kylo Igniting His Saber in the Forest


One of the most famous shots fans saw early on isn’t even in the movie. Kylo Ren in the Forest igniting his lightsaber isn’t seen in the final movie. It’s entirely possible this shot was created just for that first teaser as if you watch the movie you’ll realize he’s not wearing something that he is in this shot…

Maz Handing Leia the Saber

The Force Awakens Teaser 2

In the second trailer we see Maz handing Leia the lightsaber. That’s not in the movie as we don’t actually see Maz off of Takodana at all. It appears all of her scenes in the Resistance base (which is where the saber shot took place) were cut.

Constable Zuvio


A couple of weeks ago Lucasfilm released an image of Constable Zuvio leading fans to believe he had a bigger part in the movie. In reality it may have just been a way to try to sell some of those “peg warmer” Zuvio figures as that toy is becoming the “Bob the Goon” figure for The Force Awakens. He’s barely even seen in the background on Jakku.

Sarco Plank


Like Constable Zuvio, Sarco Plank was a big part of the early hype. Lucasfilm even published a novel with him as the central villain facing off against a younger Luke in his first-ever lightsaber duel. Except you can only really see the character in the background in about one shot on Jakku and even then it’s tough to make him out.

“Chewie We’re Home” is a Different Take


The most popular part of the second trailer is actually a different take in the final movie. Harrison Ford said in interviews that he tried it many different ways, and the one they used in the movie is the more light-hearted take that was seen in the Disney XD UK preview (which is what that image above is from).