Marvel Has Met With Asian-American Actors for Iron Fist


danny-randA big social media campaign that went on last week was one that tried to get Marvel to consider an Asian-American actor for Iron Fist on Netflix.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel did meet with some Asian-American actors due to that but Danny Rand may end up remaining white:

“Sources have told The Hollywood Reporter that the clamor actually reached the ears of Marvel and Netflix, who met with Asian-American actors in consideration for the lead, but that the series, which finally revealed its showrunner on Monday (former Dexter executive producer Scott Buck), is now leaning toward keeping Iron Fist white. Marvel declined to comment on that detail.”

In the comics (and even the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series) Danny Rand has traditionally been white with blonde hair. Due to the martial-arts nature of the character, fans petitioned Marvel to cast an Asian in the role and it sounds like Marvel has at least considered that.