Domestic Terrorists Threaten to Spoil The Force Awakens Unless Demands are Met


the-force-awakens-japanese-trailerThe Force Awakens has premiered to the world and big spoilers are out there. But a group of disgruntled Expanded Universe fans has decided to act like domestic terrorists and ruin the movie for everyone if their sad and pathetic demands are not met.

The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe has returned and has begun a “spoil-jihad” according to Bleeding Cool:

The group’s goals are to convince Disney and Lucasfilm to continue the stories of Star Wars Legends with new Legends books, comics, and games, even if those stories are an alternate universe and to raise awareness of the line.

And in order to do that, it is encouraging its 3,694 members to spoil Star Wars: The Force Awakens in as many forms of social media as they can, unless Disney and Lucasfilm give into their demands.

It has been dubbed “spoil-jihadi”

These people need to have their Facebook group closed. All they do is cause trouble for other fans and if Facebook shuts down other “hate groups”, these people need to be shut down as well. Especially with them using the “jihad” word to describe what they’re doing.