Will Smith\’s Character is Dead in Independence Day: Resurgence


Will Smith Independence Day: ResurgenceEver since Independence Day: Resurgence was announced, people wondered how they would handle Will Smith’s character in the movie. Now we have the answer thanks to a cool viral site Fox has set up for the sequel.

The War of 1996 details what happens in the twenty years between the two movies. It’s a pretty cool little bit of world building and includes stuff such as alien hold-outs in the Congo who fought for a decade before being defeated, that Las Vegas was destroyed when the City Destroyer attacking Area 51 went down and they never rebuilt it as a reminder, and it gives us the fate of Will Smith’s character from the original movie.

Col. Hiller was killed in 2007 while testing one of the first Alien/Human hybrid craft. That’s nearly a decade before the events of Independence Day: Resurgence, so while there may be a mention of him being dead in the movie it’s unlikely something that will be shown.