Harrison Ford Defends Greedo Shooting First


Greedo_shoots_firstYesterday Disney held the press junket for The Force Awakens, and that of course gave those who hate George Lucas a chance to get on camera and make fools of themselves.

Take for instance Fox 5’s Kevin McCarthy who after praising the PRACTICAL EFFECTS in The Force Awakens, tried to get Harrison Ford to go on record on what he thought of George changing the Han/Greedo scene in A New Hope. He tried to frame it in a question of whether or not Ford agreed with George’s reasoning, and again Ford said he really doesn’t care. But he ended it with this, with is a big slap in the face to those who thought he’d disagree with the change:

“If George cut it that way, then that’s the way it should be.”

You can see this for yourself at the 4:00 minute mark in this video: