Two Weeks Until The Force Awakens!


Force Awakens Two Weeks

This morning we are now only two weeks until the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

While some people will say it’s two weeks tomorrow as the movie has a December 18th date on the poster (and expect to see a lot of people on social media celebrating tomorrow), fans know it’s two weeks from today because the first US showings are actually in the evening on December 17th.

It’s starting to get crazy out there. Variety had an article yesterday saying some tickets in New York and LA are being scalped for as much as $1,000. But that shouldn’t be an issue in many areas as despite AMC selling out a lot of screens, they still have over 3 million tickets for opening weekend. It’ll be playing on 1600 screens at AMC alone, and that’s just one chain!

I’d imagine next week is going to be insane and it’ll also be the last week you’ll be able to avoid spoilers. The world premiere is a week from Monday, and reviewers will see it there. Once that is over The Force Awakens will begin to open around the world!