JJ Abrams Ordered Prequel References Toned Down in The Force Awakens


Prequel References in Force Awakens

Remember that show in the full Force Awakens trailer that references the Prequels by showing podracer flags on Maz Kanata’s castle? It turns out Abrams didn’t want as many references to the Prequels in The Force Awakens.

In a very good article in Rolling Stone, they reveal that Abrams wanted them to tone down the Prequel references:

“They begin by reviewing a shot shown in the trailer, where dozens of flags appear on a castle that belongs to Maz Kanata, a mysterious little goggle-wearing creature, played by Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave) via motion-capture and CGI. The flags are designed to drive superfans nuts with references to the earlier movies, but Abrams tells Guyett that too many of them allude to the first of Lucas’ prequels: “I don’t want to be too about podracers,” he says. “I’d rather come up with our stuff.”

This news is sure to anger Prequel fans, while Prequel haters will be pumping their fists in the air and proclaiming Abrams as one of them.