Is Batman V Superman Already Setting Up Darkseid?


batman-v-superman-darkseid-parademonsOne shot of the new Batman V Superman trailer has something in it that could be foreshadowing the arrival of Darkseid in the DC Cinematic Universe.

In a clip of the sequence we know to be a nightmare of Batman’s, winged creatures can be seen attacking. These look a lot like what you can imagine a live-action Parademon to look like. Those are Darkseid’s flying monkey minions and have been a very big part of the pre-Convergence New 52 universe both in Justice League and Earth 2.

For a long time the rumor has been that the first Justice League movie will deal with Brainiac, and then Darkseid will arrive for part 2. As Marvel teased Thanos in the first Avengers movie, putting in Parademons as a Darkseid Easter Egg in Batman V Superman makes a lot of sense if he’s going to be the big bad the League will face off against in a few years.

Then again it could be a different monster in that nightmare scene, but they sure do look like Darkseid’s Parademons…