What\’s Really Going on in That Batman V Superman Sneak Peek



Last night during Gotham, Warner revealed a sneak peek at Batman V Superman that has the internet wondering what’s going on in the clip. Along with lots of mocking about how dark and grim the clip is, people are curious why an evil looking Superman is ripping the mask off of Batman.

The answer is easily and is actually something that’s been out there about the movie for a while: It’s all a dream.

In the movie Bruce has a nightmare of what the world will be like if the god-like Superman used his powers for evil and took over. This is also the scene in the earlier trailer with Batman fighting off those guys in the dirt as well as the soldiers with the Superman symbol on their arms kneeling to the Man of Steel.

It’s dark and sinister looking because it’s a nightmare of Batman’s. They didn’t turn Superman evil in the movie, but of course you’re seeing people claim that on social media already.

Here’s the clip if you missed it last night.