Rumor: The Plot of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Leaked


resident-evil-the-final-chapterThe Resident Evil movies aren’t known for having believable stories, but they’ve been popular enough to earn multiple sequels. Now the final Resident Evil movie is on the way, and the plot for The Final Chapter may have leaked out.

Now this comes from IMDB, which should ALWAYS be taken with a grain of salt, but the fact the posts were deleted is a red flag that it could be true. Generally if something legitimate leaks on IMDB the studios will pressure them to get the posts down ASAP.

According to the posts on IMDB the script for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter leaked. And based on what they said, it’s the same crazy Resident Evil people have known for more than a decade, and it gives a final ending to the series.

Basically the movie is a team up of Alice and Claire with some new characters. The characters from the previous movies (Leon, Ada, Jill, and Becky) are killed off quickly in the beginning of the movie and Chris is apparently dead as well. They find out that Alice is a clone, which is where that image of Old Alice comes in. The original Alice is the founder of Umbrella, and is killed by Wesker. Then young Alice and Wesker fight to the death, with the ending showing Claire releasing a cure for the T-Virus into the world ending the series once and for all.

Like it said, it was IMDB, but since the posts were deleted it’s entirely possible that is the plot of the final Resident Evil movie.