JJ Abrams Confirms What \’Who is Luke Skywalker\’ Really Means


Who is Luke SkywalkerA few months ago it was revealed in an EW article that the question “Who is Luke Skywalker” is what lured JJ Abrams into directing The Force Awakens. In the months since then fans have debated about what it meant, and the lack of Luke in the marketing for the movie just fueled the speculation even more.

On one side are the crazy fans who even to this day (two weeks before the world premiere of the movie) hate the spoilers out there so much that they’ve devoted their life into creating elaborate conspiracy theories that put even 9/11 truthers to shame. This group of “Lukers” believe that the “Who is Luke Skywalker” question means JJ Abrams made a movie where Luke does awesome stuff on-screen for two hours.

On the sane side of the fence, most other fans believe the question is something the people in the Star Wars universe ask when they hear the name of Luke. It’s something young characters would want to know as a missing Luke would be something of a myth to them as it’s been thirty-two years since Return of the Jedi.

This morning on Good Morning America, JJ Abrams confirmed the sane theory is the correct one:

“The idea that Luke Skywalker, now nearly forty years after the first movie came out, I started thinking that he would be as good as a myth to people who were nineteen or twenty years old.”

You can see the whole GMA interview with JJ below: