Soundtrack Listing for The Force Awakens Revealed! (Spoilers)



You won’t be spoiled as bad as “Qui-Gon’s Noble End”, but the complete soundtrack listing is out for The Force Awakens!

MakingStarWars noticed that Amazon France has posted the listing for the tracks on the upcoming soundtrack. These aren’t the joke meme tracks you’ve seen shared on social media, this looks to be the real deal and matches up with the spoilers out there perfectly:

1. Main Title and the Attack on the Jakku Village
2. The Scavenger
3. I Can Fly Anything
4. Rey Meets BB-8
5. Follow Me
6. Rey’s Theme
7. The Falcon
8. That Girl with the Staff
9. The Rathtars!
10. Finn’s Confession
11. Maz’s Counsel
12. The Starkiller
13. Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle
14. The Abduction
15. Han and Leia
16. March of the Resistance
17. Snoke
18. On the Inside
19. Torn Apart
20. The Ways of the Force
21. Scherzo for X-Wings
22. Farewell and the Trip
23. The Jedi Steps and Finale

The soundtrack will be released the same day as the movie in the US, and Amazon has it up for pre-order [easyazon_link identifier=”B014V6JIQK” locale=”US” tag=”furiofanbo-20″]right here[/easyazon_link].