Lucasfilm Temporarily Disarms the 501st Legion


501st-no-blastersYou may have heard that most theaters won’t allow masks, lightsabers, or fake blasters at premiere showings of The Force Awakens but now Lucasfilm has stepped in.

According to members of fan costuming groups such as the 501st and Rebel Legion, Lucasfilm has issued a temporary ban on blasters at all events these fans show up to in costume. However, there isn’t a clear explanation as to if this means everywhere they go or if it’s only for events linked to the opening of The Force Awakens.

One fan saw the cops show up to a Battlefront launch party because of a Stormtrooper:

@ManaByte My friend was in full stormtrooper kit at the Battlefront #gamestop launch and cops showed up with tac gear on

— Zombie Cowboy (@ZombieCowboy13) November 24, 2015


This is obviously due to everyone being on edge due to what’s going on in the world. With theaters banning lightsabers and masks, it would make sense for LFL to also ban blasters with the 501st or Rebel Legion. There is a real fear surrounding those premiere showings of the movie, and it seems like Lucasfilm is leaning on the side of caution to avoid a toy blaster sparking any kind of panic.