Fantastic Four 2 May Be Cancelled!



Despite doubling down on the idea of a sequel to the comic book flop of 2015, 20th Century Fox may have just cancelled Fantastic Four 2.

The studio quietly removed the movie from their 2017 release schedule. That means it’s either delayed, or they won’t be making it at all. It’s too early to start hoping for Marvel to get the rights back, as Fox has several years to make a sequel before they’d revert, but after their previous behavior regarding the sequel this is a surprise.

A month after the release of Josh Trank’s bomb, they said they were moving forward with the sequel even if it wouldn’t make the 2017 date. A month after that, Producer Simon Kinberg said they were trying to figure out the sequel.

Hopefully it’s not just a delay and Fox gives up trying to get Fantastic Four to work as they’re obviously the wrong people to handle the franchise.