Did Disney Accidentally Reveal Maz Kanata in a Force Awakens TV Spot?


Maz Kanata

Over the weekend a UK TV spot that aired on the Disney Channel there surfaced, and it showed Maz Kanata in one shot. It’s now sounding like this may have been a big mistake on Disney’s part.

You can see a capture of the Maz Kanata shot via this Imgur link (while it lasts). I say “while it lasts” because Disney is asking sites to remove that image as it may have been a mistake for them to reveal the character so soon. And that means they’ll probably be sending removal requests to Imgur to get those images offline as well.

Disney even filed a copyright claim on the YouTube video of the spot. They haven’t done that with ANY other Force Awakens TV spot that’s been uploaded to YouTube!

Maz Kanata is seen on the poster for the movie, but actually showing her in a shot from the film is a completely different matter. They have said in the past that you wouldn’t see Maz until the movie was released, and showing her in a TV spot definitely changes that. If it was a mistake, you can believe someone at Disney got yelled at big time from the filmmakers who didn’t want people to know there’s a fully CGI character in their “PRACTICAL EFFECTS” Star Wars movie.

So I guess having Maz Kanata narrate a trailer and multiple TV spots is fine, but if they show her it’s a big no-no. Can’t scare people away from The Force Awakens by showing a CGI character and rekindle the Jar Jar hate!