Star Wars Fans Are Raising \”Hell\” Over Finn\’s TV Spot



Last night the internet was going nuts over the awesome Force Awakens TV spot featuring Finn, but twelve hours later people are losing their mind because he says “hell” in it.

Towards the end of the spot there’s a shot where Han Solo asks Finn if he’s ready to do what he needs to do (and spoiler people know what that is), and Finn says, “Hell no…”. It’s a major scene for the character as that’s when Han gives him the confidence he needs to basically help save the day, but there are people out there freaking out because he used the word “hell”. These people obviously never saw the Original Trilogy as it is used a few times in those movies.

In A New Hope the word is used twice. First when Owen is looking for Luke, “He’d better have those units in the South Ridge repaired by midday, or there’ll be hell to pay” and then later when Han, Leia, and Luke are escaping the detention block, “What the hell are you doing?” Of course everyone remembers Han using it at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back when going out to find Luke, “Then I’ll see you in Hell!”

It’s something that can be said on prime-time television, a word used in the Original Trilogy, and definitely not anything that will keep The Force Awakens from a PG rating. People complained about too much Force Awakens news last week, but I’d take a hundred stories every day if it keeps people from making up stupid crap to complain about.