The Huge Force Awakens Stormtrooper Dressing Room Revealed



How do you outfit an army of Stormtroopers for The Force Awakens? It takes a massive dressing room.

Continuing their coverage of The Force Awakens from their cover story, Wired featured the Stormtrooper dressing room where all the real costumes were stored:

The revised stormtroopers are illustrative of Kaplan’s general approach to the new film’s approximately 1,500 costumes, which had to retain the spirit of the original films while also showing the passing of three decades, both in fictional and real-world technology. In the case of the stormtroopers, that meant a smoother silhouette but also construction more suited to battle than their 70s counterparts.

“The original stormtroopers were vacuum-formed,” says Kaplan. “That process required a much thinner plastic to be heated and molded. These are much harder [cast in polyurethane], so they don’t crack. They’re much tougher materials, plus they have more flexibility.”

Just looking at the armor up close (if you get a chance to see it) it’s also apparent that the new Stormtrooper armor is a lot more complex than the old TK suits that the 501st uses so much. There appear to be a lot more pieces involved with the modern Force Awakens Stormtrooper armor, which could make fan costuming more complex.