Disgaea: Hour of Darkness coming to PC on February 16th



NIS America is releasing the classic strategy RPG game Disgaea: Hour of Darkness on PC. The Disgaea PC store page on Steam lists a release date of February 2016. The Steam version will include all content from the PSP version, Afternoon of Darkness, as well as adding new features like updated textures, enhanced UI and Keyboard/Mouse support. It will also have Steam-specific features like Achievements and Trading Cards.

The Disgaea series, created by Nippon Ichi Software, originally released in Japan on PlayStation 2 in 2003. When it released in North America in August of that same year, it immediately became a cult sensation and received critical acclaim from multiple gaming websites. Since then they have released five other entries in the series including the release last month of Disgaea 5: Allegiance of Vengeance on PlayStation 4. Various ports of these games have also appeared on PSP, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. This will mark the first time any of their games have been released on PC.

The story of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness revolves around Laharl, the son of the former Overlord. Together with his vassal Etna (the greatest character in videogames ever) and a ditzy angel-in-training named Flonne (the second greatest…?), he tries to retake the throne left vacant following his father’s death. The game has fun with videogame tropes as well with Laharl naming one potential obstacle in his path ‘Mid-boss’.

Fans like the games for the amount of depth of the game systems, the interesting and quirky characters, the dark humor, and the nearly infinite amount of time you can put in to this game. You can reach level 9999 (and reincarnate that character at level 1 and do it all over again but with better stats) and level up your equipment and do MILLIONS of points of damage. There’s an item world for each item in the game that is randomly generated and higher levels of equipment can have 100 floors to go through before facing up against an “Item God”. There is so much to do in this game it is crazy.

Many fans joke that the story is really the tutorial and the real game begins after the credits roll because that’s when you find out how deep the rabbit hole can really go. The Disgaea series is amazing and now with a release on PC, a whole new group of fans can experience it for the first time. Hopefully this does well and more Nippon Ichi games come out on PC, including the criminally underrated La Pucelle Tactics.