The Mysterious Fate of Luke\’s Bespin Saber is Solved!


luke-handEver since it was revealed that the lightsaber in The Force Awakens was the saber that Luke lost on Bespin, fans have battled with their theories. How could that saber have resurfaced if it fell into Bespin? Some fans believed it fell into the gas giant’s clouds to be lost forever, but now the mystery has been solved. Tweeted this image from the Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland, and it explains the history of the saber:


The last line there reads: “someone salvaged it from the city’s industrial depths.”

Whoever that person was is likely either to be revealed in a flashback in The Force Awakens or some kind of tie-in material like a comic or novel. But now we know the saber fell into the depths of Cloud City and was recovered. It didn’t float out into the clouds like some have believed for a long time…