The Force Awakens May Not Be Screened For Critics


Force Awakens Critic Screnings

We already knew the world premiere of The Force Awakens won’t happen until just days before release, and now word has come out that there may not be any screenings for critics.

Today The Wrap reported that Disney won’t screen the movie for awards consideration on December 1st, and they say the decision as made to prevent spoilers from leaking out prior to the release date.

According to The Playlist, there may not be any screenings of The Force Awakens for critics before December 18th:

“Essentially, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will be on lockdown until December 18th, and we’ve heard rumblings that regular critics screenings also won’t be happening for the movie, and given this news, that’s probably going to be the case. So, it’s fans first this time, and/or reviewers who get in line with everyone else. And if you want to learn and juicy details about the movie early, you’ll just have to watch the carefully vetted bit of promo material along with everyone else.”

Basically, without spoiling things here, there are at least two or three really big things that happen in the movie that JJ Abrams wants to keep in the Mystery Box. Thanks to that, you probably won’t see any official reviews of The Force Awakens until the day it’s released. Not that it even needs reviews to break box office records, but expect to see some entitled film bloggers throwing a fit on social media because they won’t get to see it for free before anyone else.