The Disappearance of Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens


force-awakens-hated-phantom-menaceThis morning Entertainment Weekly revealed their four new covers for The Force Awakens, and right there on all four it mentions the “Disappearance of Luke Skywalker”.

The magazine’s preview for the issue even discusses this:

Where Is Luke Skywalker?
We can’t answer that question. (That’s the movie’s job.) But Abrams and Mark Hamill explain how the last Jedi went from hero to intergalactic man of mystery. The galaxy’s memory of Skywalker may have faded, but don’t worry – the filmmakers have not forgotten him.

For far too long the stupid Luke Skywalker theories have polluted social media, and now Lucasfilm through Entertainment Weekly has come out and officially said why Luke isn’t on the poster or in the trailer: He’s missing at the time of The Force Awakens.

He hasn’t turned evil, he’s not Kylo Ren. He’s simply out of the galaxy’s view and has apparently been for some time if the memory of him has faded. And like the Entertainment Weekly blurb says, it’s the movie’s job to tell you where he is and to show him to you. That’s why you won’t be seeing Mark Hamill as Luke until you’re sitting in the theater on December 18th.

Again, Luke is not Kylo Ren. He’s missing. Star Wars Episode VII: The Search for Luke will tell you that story of why he disappeared.

Here are the rest of the EW covers: