The Force Awakens Chronological Trailer 2.0


the-force-awakens-trailer-13Wonder how the scenes in the three Force Awakens trailers fit in chronological order?

This was inspired by a lot of people making guesses at what order the scenes appear in the movie. Despite the entire movie being spoiled on the Internet, some sites (such as IGN) basically re-edited the trailers into their own version of fan fiction that doesn’t actually represent how the movie will really play out.

Below is just a very quick edit I did of the currently existing footage. This time I decided include the SDCC BTS scenes and the sneak peek stuff, and and fix the issues that bugged me in the last version. The video is a good representation of how the scenes play out chronologically in the movie. Seeing how it fits together in The Force Awakens could be considered a spoiler for some so you’ve been warned: