RIP Daniel Fleetwood


force-for-daniel-501stOver the last few weeks we’ve been telling you a lot about Daniel Fleetwood and his successful quest to see The Force Awakens before he died from cancer, and now he’s lost that big fight.

His wife Ashley confirmed the sad news via Facebook overnight:


The world learned of Daniel’s wish to see The Force Awakens less than two weeks ago when his wife Ashley and their friends took to social media to launch a #ForceForDaniel campaign to get the attention of Lucasfilm. The Star Wars community came together and last Thursday they took an unedited version of the movie to his house and showed him the new Star Wars. He was apparently blown away by the movie, and JJ Abrams and stars like Peter Mayhew were even calling him regularly to check in on him.

If you would like to help the family in this very difficult time, they still have a GoFundMe set up right here.

The cast of the movie are already expressing their condolences, and I’m sure more will come as the day goes on:

Top image by Rogue3StandingBy on Reddit. More images can be seen in this gallery.