First Look at Jakku in Disney\’s Star Tours!


Star Tours Jakku

Disney has released a short teaser video for the new Jakku destination in Star Tours!

Beginning November 17th in Disneyland and December 1st at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, every ride of Star Tours will end on Jakku to give everyone the chance to see the new planet. Then at some time in the future they’ll make it randomized just like all planets currently are on the ride.

They also confirmed that the “Path of the Jedi” video is basically just a clip show of the first six Star Wars movies. Don’t expect to see any new Force Awakens footage because of the Mystery Box. Also the new Jedi Training Academy titled “Trials of the Temple” will still feature Darth Vader, but the Seventh Sister will be replacing Darth Maul.

Finally Walt Disney World confirmed that Star Wars Weekends will not be returning due to all of this new Star Wars stuff.