Rey is Confirmed as the Lead Character in The Force Awakens



This morning the amazing international trailer for Episode VII hit YouTube, and the description on the video actually confirms that Rey is the lead character in The Force Awakens.

You can see the original Japanese description on the video here. Via a poster on Reddit comes this translation, which is much better than any machine translation you’ll get out of Google:

“The first chapter of a new Star Wars trilogy. This is the story of Rey, a lonesome heroine who is waiting for her family; with the power of the Force, she begins a new tale of “family love and loss”. Antagonizing her is Kylo Ren, a villain who manipulates a cross-shaped light saber. A new legend begins here!”

That description confirms that Rey is the focus character of The Force Awakens and that she does use the Force. This isn’t shocking to people who have been following spoilers, but for those still hoping that Luke would be the main character or Finn would be the Jedi it may be surprising.