Why Spectre Sucking Isn\’t the End of 007


spectreThere’s a lot of hand-wringing going on all over the internet this week after dismal early reviews of Spectre are painting a bad picture of the latest 007 movie. In reality a lot of this is just overreaction, especially if you look at the fifty-year history of the Bond movies.

It’s almost like people were wooed into a false sense of security from two excellent Daniel Craig Bonds (and one very mediocre one). Casino Royale was great, Quantum of Solace not so much, and Skyfall is a classic. For Spectre to fall into the “bad” column isn’t that surprising…it’s almost like the old Star Trek odd/even thing where every other movie was considered “good”.

Yes, Spectre completely copies the “Khan” name deception from Star Trek: Into Darkness to hide Blofeld. And his origin is only missing the brotherhood aspect that Doctor Evil had in the Austin Powers spoofs. But one bad Bond movie won’t kill the franchise, despite what some sensationalist movie bloggers are claiming today.

The 007 franchise survived the Roger Moore era and such films as Moonraker. It also survived the two Dalton films, when he really was better fit for villain roles than Bond. Lest we forget Bond CGI surfing down a tsunami in Die Another Day:

Spectre may be disappointing coming off of Skyfall, but any movie would be. There’s really no way any Bond movie could live up to that one, even by bringing back Spectre and Bond’s arch-nemesis.

The franchise also may be leaving Sony for a different studio, so hopefully that will breathe new life into it. Bond needs rebirth like this every so often. Brosnan did it after Dalton, and Craig did it after him. The franchise is almost un-killable like its title character, so Spectre being bad won’t do it in.