What the Original Deadpool Post-Credits Scene Would\’ve Been


deadpool-red-band-trailerThis week an interview came out with the Deadpool writers where they discuss the possibility of a post-credits scene in February’s movie.

Speaking to Collider, the duo says:

“WERNICK: There is a post credit thing that if hopefully comes together, It’s gonna be phenomenal.

REESE: We’re planning it. It’s one of those ones that’s gonna require some doing, so it may not come together, and if so, I don’t know, we’ll either do a plan be or none at all. I think we should have one, I mean, we really feel like we should have one.”

Earlier in the interview they admit that the movie is roughly 70% of what the old leaked script was, and anyone who read that script could see the similarities in the trailer.

Originally the Deadpool movie had two post-credits scenes. The first took place about a minute into the credits and featured Deadpool and Blind Al building their Ikea Trondheim chest while insulting each other.

The second and final credits scene would’ve played after all of the credits ended and it is the capper to an on-going joke in the movie. At the bar where Deadpool hangs out there’s a board with names on it called the “Dead Pool” where they would bet money on who’d die and then collect their winnings when the name came up. Wade Wilson selects Amy Winehouse. Remember, she was still alive back when the script was originally written. Fox sat on it so long that the post-credits scene would need to be changed now.

Anyways after the credits finished rolling you’d see a perfectly sober Amy Winehouse crossing the street in London when she’s hit and destroyed by a double-decker bus. Deadpool would say, “And you woulda thought an overdose.”

Obviously we’re going to get a new end credits scene in Deadpool thanks to Fox taking so long to decide to make the movie that the Amy Winehouse gag won’t work anymore. It’s entirely possible they’re substituting another person in a similar situation, or they could be coming up with a completely different gag.