Star Wars Land May Not Open Until Late 2018



Ever since it was announced people have wondered when Star Wars Land would open at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and now a possibility has come up that it may not be until late 2018.

Inside the Magic found some permits (via mousehub) for the construction of Star Wars Land at Walt Disney World. The permits say construction begins for both Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land in January with completion expected by October 2018.

Now as this is for WDW and includes both the Star Wars and Toy Story expansions the date could be different than at Disneyland, however with something as huge as Star Wars Land it’s likely Disney would want both to open around the same time. Especially since construction on both coasts is starting at the same time in January.

A late 2018 opening is quite a long time to wait, however that’s about how long it took Disney to build the 12-acre Cars Land expansion in Anaheim.