NieR: Automata – New trailer, Screenshots and Info



This week at Paris Games Week, Square-Enix released a new trailer, screenshots and information about its upcoming NieR sequel entitled NieR: Automata. The game was announced at E3 earlier this year at Square-Enix’s press conference as a collaboration between Square-Enix and Platinum Games (Vanquish, Bayonetta).  While the main development will be by Platinum Games, key staff from the original game are involved in NieR: Automata.

Yoko Taro, the director of NieR and Drakengard (the world of which NieR takes place in), will once again be directing NieR Automata. He apparently moved to Osaka to work in the Platinum offices, which are roughly 400km away from his actual home. Yosuke Saito reprises his duties as a producer on the title and Keiichi Okabe is back as composer. Akihiko Yoshida (Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story) joins the development team as a character designer. He didn’t work on the original NieR but Yosuke Saito is such a big fan of his he jokingly suggested the idea of him joining the team and thankfully he accepted.

As you can see from the trailer above, this game is very clearly developed by Platinum Games. The combat seems similar to other titles they’ve made, but especially Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. This should come to no surprise as the game designer for this game, Takahisa Taura, also worked on Revengeance.

The story of NieR: Automata centers around an android named  Yohra 2B and she is described by Square-Enix as being a “cold and level headed personality” compared to other androids in this world. Dan Seto, Community Manager for Square-Enix has the following to say in describing the story:

“Earth has suddenly been invaded by beings from another planet and mechanical life forms with overwhelming power were used as weapons of war which forced mankind to flee to the moon. In order to take back the earth, a resistance force of android warriors has been created by humanity to fight these invaders.

The world that you see in Nier: Automata is one where androids and mechanized weapons clash in ferocious combat in a barren and deserted wasteland. It’s set after the original game but the story is written in a way which means you don’t have to have played the first one.”

That is all we know at this point but they promise we may get more details soon, perhaps at PlayStation Experience in December. NieR is being developed exclusively for PlayStation 4 and no release date has been announced but Square-Enix hints that a 2016 release is possible. Please click through the following slides to see the latest screenshots released by Square-Enix.