George Lucas Jokes With JJ Abrams About Anakin\’s Grandchildren



In a new lighthearted video JJ Abrams answers Star Wars questions from celebrities, and George Lucas showed up to joke with him about Anakin’s grandchildren.

The video’s obviously meant to be a silly joke made to go viral on the internet, which it is doing right now. That’s why everyone is sharing it. But since it’s meant as a joke, it’s not really wise to try to gleam any in-depth plot details about The Force Awakens from it.

I mean if Abrams purposely hid Luke from all of the marketing of the movie, do you really think he’ll let a bombshell about Anakin’s grandchildren show up in a silly viral video? Sure, some conspiracy theorists think so. But most people realize this is just meant to be silly and fun video where George Lucas puts JJ Abrams on the spot.

You can check out the video below. The part with George Lucas appearing on the iPad takes place near the middle of the video if you just want to see that part: