An Old Force Awakens \’Jedi Hunters\’ Rumor May Be Validated


kylo-knights-of-ren-jed-hunters-force-awakensLast year during the filming of The Force Awakens a rumor came out that caused a bit of controversy online, and it involved “Jedi Hunters”.

Back then posted a rumor that said some of the villains in The Force Awakens would be Jedi Hunters, and they were described this way:

“These are scary individuals, dressed in black, some helmeted, that hunt Jedi for the Empire.”

Of course we know now that there isn’t an Empire in The Force Awakens, but there is a First Order and Kylo Ren definitely works for them. Black-clad villains with helmets who hunt down Jedi definitely sounds a lot like the Knights of Ren and it matches the imagery we see in the latest trailer for the movie.

Some people have been trying to use the Knights of Ren to discredit early rumors from the movie, but the description of these “Jedi Hunters” from June of 2014 matches up very well with what the Knights of Ren look like. It’s very possible someone saw them filming these Knights of Ren, didn’t know what they were actually called in the movie, and just described them as they saw them. Dark characters with helmets who looked like they were after Jedi.

We’re less than fifty days from The Force Awakens, so we’ll all see it for ourselves soon. But it’s pretty cool how the stuff being released now is starting to seemingly confirm rumors we heard about more than a year ago when the movie was being filmed.