More Classic D&D Games Return to PCs


Classic D&D Games Return to PCJust in time for Halloween, the classic Ravenloft D&D setting has returned to PCs along with some other great games.

GoG has released three new packs collecting classic SSI D&D games. Each pack is $10 and includes the games in the classic D&D game series:

Dungeons & Dragons: Ravenloft Series – featuring Strahd’s Possession, Stone Prophet – is one of the largest and most popular D&D settings ever. A gothic-noir universe ruled by the dark powers that be.

Dungeons & Dragons: Krynn Series – featuring Champions of Krynn, Death Knights of Krynn, The Dark Queen of Krynn – a trilogy of famous Dragonlance stories, based on the incredibly successful Forgotten Realms video-game formula.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Sun Series – featuring Shattered Lands, Wake of the Ravager – a pair of titles set in the post-apocalyptic take on D&D – a world where magic is banished and water is as scarce as hope.

The Krynn series are classic “Gold Box” games, while both Dark Sun and Ravenloft are a bit more modern. Dark Sun features top-down gameplay in the popular post-apocalyptic setting that Wizards of the Coast did bring back to modern D&D, while Ravenloft is set in the very popular gothic horror setting of 2nd Edition AD&D.

While some will disagree with me, I have fond memories of the two Ravenloft games from the 90s. I also love the setting, so that pack gets my recommendation. You can’t go wrong with any of them, especially if you love classic SSI D&D PC games. I believe this almost completes the SSI collection on GoG as they have previously released the “Gold Box” games, and the Dungeon Crawls over the last few months. There are a few obscure titles (such as the Spelljammer game SSI did), but the major popular ones are now available to play on modern PCs.