Help A Star Wars Fan With Terminal Cancer See The Force Awakens


Help a Star Wars fan with cancer see The Force AwakensIt may sound like the plot to Fanboys, but this is reality. A fan with terminal cancer hopes to see The Force Awakens before they pass away and has turned to the internet for help.

A friend of his reached out on Facebook to see if anyone on the internet could get the attention of Lucasfilm or Bad Robot to help him make this happen:

I'm reposting this so it's hopefully public!I have a friend whose husband does not have long. His name is Daniel…

Posted by Lindsay James on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Before anyone thinks JJ Abrams and his Mystery Box would never let this happen, he did do the same thing for a Star Trek fan who was dying and wanted to see Star Trek: Into Darkness before they passed away. So since Abrams did that for a Star Trek fan, maybe he’ll do the same for a Star Wars fan? Help spread this person’s plea and maybe Lucasfilm will take notice and help the guy out.