JJ Abrams Confirms No More Force Awakens Trailers Are Coming



Even though most Star Wars fans knew the trailer we got for The Force Awakens would be the final one, JJ Abrams has confirmed there would be no more trailers coming.

In an interview with Extra on a red carpet, Abrams confirmed that there will be commercials on television for the movie on the way, but the trailer we got last week will be the last big look at footage until the movie is released. Based on his Mystery Box, it’s likely the commercials we’ll get will just be made up of footage that’s already been released in one way or another. We may be lucky to get a second or two of new shots here and there, but I think he’s revealed everything he wants to right now.

This comes as a blow to a small segment of Star Wars fans who reject the movie that JJ Abrams has made and believe that there’s another trailer coming that’s nothing but three minutes of Luke Skywalker fighting people with the Force.

He’s also asked about the incredibly stupid “Evil Luke” theory, as well as those people who wanted to boycott Episode VII because they thought it was promoting white genocide. You can see the full interview with Abrams via the embed below: