Red Fly Studio Wants to Resurrect Their Cancelled Darth Maul Game



Prior to George Lucas selling LucasFilm to Disney, LucasArts and Red Fly Studio were working on a Darth Maul game. The game went through a lot of changes during development from a storyline stand-point. At one point it was an origin story, then it was potentially going to tie in with Clone Wars, and finally George Lucas himself suggested the story take place during the Legacy era where a clone of Darth Maul was working with Darth Talon to fight against Darth Krayt and his Sith army. Now they want to bring it back.

Dan Borth, CEO of Red Fly Studio, took to Reddit to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) to discuss it with fans. He discusses how the origin story was supposed to work, with Maul being nine or eleven years old to show how tortuous the training with Palpatine was and some of the various other ideas they were working on with a “Reverse Fear Mechanic”. It was similar to Arkham Asylum where he could drop down, lop off someone’s head, and the AI would react to it with the enemies scattering and potentially wounding or killing themselves. The version of the story that took place during the Legacy era would be a descendant or clone of Darth Maul who wanted to defeat Krayt and his army of Sith because he was angered by Krayt straying from the Rule of Two. Darth Maul’s Sith infiltration droids, as seen in The Phantom Menace of course, would be used to do scouting and support the stealth side of game-play.

Of course, resurrecting the game isn’t up to them as Disney now owns LucasFilm and EA currently has an exclusive contract with them to make video games, the first of which is the upcoming Battlefront by EA DICE. They’re currently in the process of developing a demo for current gen systems (supposedly PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) and they hope to impress them. Fans can also help, he says, by posting their support on Twitter.

Personally I’m of two minds on this. Obviously I’m a huge fan of the Darth Maul character. I welcomed, with open arms, his return from death in the Clone Wars animated series. The issue is what story they’re gonna tell. Obviously the Darth Talon story idea couldn’t be done because that is all Legends and is non-canon. So the story they’d have to go with would be something approved by the Lucasfilm Story Group. I’m sure whatever story they come up with would most likely be set during the Clone Wars era and I would love a game where he and his brother, Savage Opress, go out on adventures together.

On the other hand, Dan Borth doesn’t seem to be a fan of the Prequels as some of his comments during the AMA show:

“i would vote for an easter egg where maul kills jar jar over and over.”

“Originally Maul was not supposed to die but Lucas decided to kill him once Christopher Lee expressed interest in being in a Star Wars movie. One of the reasons Count Dooku was just terrible.”

Obviously that first comment was made tongue-in-cheek, but it still goes to show he has some dislike for those films. I’m not a fan of people working on Star Wars that don’t support all of Star Wars. Also, obviously, it should be Ewoks that Maul kills over and over. No one likes Ewoks. Filthy little beasts.