Could a Dragon\’s Lair Movie Happen?


dragons-lair-the-movieThis morning Gary Goldman and Don Bluth launched a Kickstarter for Dragon’s Lair: The Movie. The legendary 80s laserdisc game has maintained popularity for nearly thirty years, and there are obviously fans out there who would love to see a Don Bluth hand-drawn animated movie based on it, but don’t let this Kickstarter get you too excited just yet.

At first glance, the Kickstarter looks to have a chance of succeeding. After all, it shows that they only need $550,000 for it to be a success. But that’s a little bit deceiving when you read what that $550k is actually for. They really need $70 million to produce a full-length Dragon’s Lair animated movie, so this Kickstarter will just be for fans to show their support and allow Don Bluth to produce a 10-minute pitch reel to take around to studios to hopefully get the movie made. So even if you fund this Kickstarter, there’s absolutely no guarantee we’ll ever see a Dragon’s Lair movie come out of it.

And that’s where the real challenge is going to be. In 2015 it’s going to be pretty challenging for them to convince a studio to give them $70 million to produce a traditionally animated feature film in an era where audiences only seem to want CG films. Disney tried to bring back traditionally animated films with The Princess and the Frog and the last Winnie the Pooh, and as great as the movies were they just didn’t seem to make enough money for them to continue with the format.

As awesome as it would be to see Don Bluth produce one more hand-drawn animated film, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for this happening due to the state of animation these days.