Amazing Stories revival series being developed at NBC with Bryan Fuller



In 1985 Steven Spielberg produced the television series Amazing Stories, a sci-fi/fantasy/horror anthology series similar to Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. It had a respectable two-season run and featured episodes directed by many big-name film directors such as Martin Scorcese, Robert Zemeckis, and Joe Dante. Spielberg himself directed two episodes including the episode “The Mission” which earned Spielberg a Primetime Emmy nomination.

The new series, according to Entertainment Weekly, will be executive produced by Bryan Fuller who, in my personal opinion, is probably the best recent television show creator producer. His latest series Hannibal was recently canceled by NBC because while it was critically acclaimed and had a huge fan following, the ratings were unfortunately too low to keep it going. Hannibal fans were distressed by this, especially since the series ends on a pretty big cliffhanger. After the cancellation, NBC’s Robert Greenblatt mentioned that they were very eager to work with Bryan Fuller and it seems like they wasted no time. Bryan Fuller will executive produce and write the pilot episode.

The original series also featured episodes by people who were relatively unknown at the time and eventually found success on television and film. One such person was Brad Bird who directed the episode ‘Family Dog’ which was spun-off into its own series, though it was short-lived at only 10 episodes. Brad Bird then went on to make films such as The Iron Giant and The Incredibles.

Another relatively unknown director at the time worked on this series as well. His most well-known film at the time was a popular independent film called The Empire Strikes Back. Yes, Irvin Kirshner directed an episode of Amazing Stores. That’s not the only Star Wars connection the series has. The theme song was also composed by John Williams. One can only hope, nay expect, nay demand, that the new series also uses this theme song. I would expect a re-orchestration though, similar to how the Doctor Who theme song is the same between series, but redone in a slightly new way.

Suffice it to say, this news is early so don’t expect the series to air until Fall 2016 at the earliest. Bryan Fuller is also developing a series for Starz based on Neil Gaiman’s American Gods novel. Some of his prior shows I recommend are Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls.