The Force Awakens Trailer Had 112 Million Views in 24 Hours


the-force-awakens-trailer-34The two previous Force Awakens trailers set viewership records, and there’s been speculation about how the new one did in terms of views. While people could add up YouTube and Facebook views, there are a lot of other ways the trailer was seen, and now we have the official number. revealed just how many times the new trailer was viewed:

“After two record-breaking teasers, the full trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuted earlier this week, and we are humbled by the response. The sneak peek shown during ESPN’s Monday Night Football was seen by a TV audience of over 16 million, followed by an immediate release on YouTube, Facebook, and platforms worldwide. In just 24 hours, the trailer was viewed online more than 112 million times. “

This kind of kills the Prequel Hater theory that those movies forever soiled and destroyed the Star Wars franchise. The thirst for the new trailer and the resulting record breaking ticket sales prove the Star Wars is bigger than ever.