The 5 Craziest Luke Skywalker Force Awakens Theories


The Force Awakens Teaser 2

When people didn’t see Luke Skywalker on the final poster or trailer for The Force Awakens, they began to hatch some crazy theories about why Luke is missing. They even made a #WhereIsLuke hashtag on Twitter to support their speculation.

Despite the plot of the movie being out there in the form of spoilers, there are some very crazy theories floating around about why Luke isn’t being seen in the marketing. If you want the real reason you can read this, but here are five of the craziest. Don’t worry, none of these are spoilers because none of them are true…

Luke is Kylo Ren


This one is insane just because we know who’s playing Kylo Ren, and you see Kylo without his helmet in the trailer! That’s not Luke Skywalker’s hair, it’s Adam Driver’s. Also not to mention the height difference, this one is just crazy. Of course some of the nuttier conspiracy theorists are claiming that JJ Abrams hired Adam Driver to secretly play Kylo Ren just to hide Luke’s true role, but those who brave the spoilers know that’s false too.

Luke is the New Emperor

Han Solo Really

There is no Empire or Emperor in The Force Awakens. The white Stormtroopers are that of the First Order, a new group who’s origins are being detailed in the novels and comic books that are now canon. Their leader is a mysterious computer-generated character named Supreme Leader Snoke, and he’s being played by Andy Serkis. Again, since we know who is playing the leader of the First Order, the idea that Luke is the Emperor is just insane.

Luke is Dead


People believe that the above scene in the trailer is Rey crying over Luke’s corpse. Aside from the spoilers telling us who she’s really crying over (and they aren’t dead), we know that Luke is in Episode VIII as they’ve already begun filming the movie with Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley in Ireland! Luke may not survive the Sequel Trilogy due to mentors normally dying in Star Wars, but it doesn’t happen in The Force Awakens.

Luke is Captain Phasma

The Force Awakens Teaser 2

When the poster showed up there were some people who believed that Luke could be one of the Stormtroopers at the bottom or the silver Captain Phasma. Again, we know who’s playing Captain Phasma and we’ve even heard her voice and dialog with the toy helmet that’s in stores now.

The Trailers and Marketing are From a Fake Star Wars Movie!

Han Derp

This is the craziest Luke Skywalker theory for The Force Awakens by far. The people who read the spoilers hate the plot so much they’ve subscribed to a conspiracy theory that says Disney spent millions of dollars in a misdirection campaign that even includes filming fake scenes for the trailers to throw people off. They believe that the real movie will feature Luke Skywalker yanking Star Destroyers out of orbit with the Force, and that 9/11 was an inside job. In truth the trailers back up the fact that The Force Awakens is a story about a new generation and the “Legacy” characters (including Luke) have very small roles.