The Force Awakens Chronological Trailer


the-force-awakens-trailer-13Wonder how the scenes in the three Force Awakens trailers fit in chronological order?

This was inspired by a lot of people making guesses at what order the scenes appear in the movie. Despite the entire movie being spoiled on the Internet, some sites (such as IGN) basically re-edited the trailers into their own version of fan fiction that doesn’t actually represent how the movie will really play out.

Below is just a very quick edit I did of the three main trailers. I didn’t include any of the SDCC BTS scenes or the sneak peek stuff, and there are some minor editing mistakes the bug me still, but the video is the best representation of how the scenes play out chronologically in the movie. Even though it doesn’t include anything that’s not in the three main trailers, seeing how it fits together in The Force Awakens could be considered a spoiler for some so you’ve been warned: