No, Boba Fett is NOT in The Force Awakens Trailer


boba-fettWith The Force Awakens trailer breaking all sorts of records on YouTube and trending worldwide on social media, it’s not shocking to see people fake something from the trailer for some quick website clicks.

The big Photoshop fake going around that’s starting to pick up steam is one that claims to show Boba Fett standing with Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren. Even though we know that Knights were called “The Seven” during production, some people think it’s cool to make people think Boba Fett is in that scene in the trailer:


Photoshopped image of Boba Fett

The absolute best quality version of the trailer is the Quicktime one (far better than YouTube). Even going frame-by-frame in the 1080p version of the Quicktime you can not see Boba Fett’s helmet in any of the frames with the Knights of Ren. This is the frame that was Photoshopped to create the Boba Fett image, and you can click it to see the full resolution version:


1080p Quicktime Screen Cap, Click for Full Res

There is a Boba Fett Easter Egg in the trailer. As Han, Rey, and Finn are entering Maz Kanata’s castle you can see a Mandalorian banner there, and there are several other Easter Eggs such as Pod Racer flags:


The entrance to Maz’s castle features a Mando banner among many other Easter Eggs

Star Wars: Aftermath explains what happens to the Fett armor in one of the interludes, and according to canon a lawman on Tatooine is using it. Not one of the Knights of Ren…