Rumor: Monday Night Football Will Be Star Wars Themed



With all of the buzz about the new Force Awakens trailer during Monday Night Football, people are wondering how else Star Wars may fit into the game.

According to a Reddit post in the NY Giants subreddit, this is what we can expect from a Star Wars-themed Monday Night Football on the 19th:

“This Monday Disney is releasing the full trailer for The Force Awakens after the first quarter of your game. The whole night from graphics and scoreboard are Star Wars themed. The intro to the game gets an opening crawl detailing your hated rivalry.

Seriously it’s the coolest thing Monday Night Football has ever done.

Oh and one more thing.

The trailer will play on the screen at Lincoln Financial so that those in attendance don’t miss out!”

That all sounds pretty cool, and it sounds a lot like what Disney would do with ESPN to promote their biggest movie of 2015. Even if you’re not a football fan, it might be a good idea to watch Monday Night Football next week for all the Star Wars stuff that will be going on during the game.