Rumor: Final Force Awakens Poster Arrives Sunday Morning


tfa-drew-struzanBefore we get the trailer during Monday Night Football, it sounds like we’ll be seeing the final one-sheet poster for The Force Awakens.

According to Germain at io9, the poster will go live Sunday morning:

“First, we’ll get to see the official one sheet on Sunday morning.

Second, the trailer will debut Monday night, roughly around 8pm EST.

Third, tickets will go on sale very soon after that, likely around 8:30pm EST. They should be available at most, if not all, ticketing sites and theaters.”

The actual timing of the trailer there may be a bit off however. Kickoff for the game is 8:30pm EST. So unless they’re showing the trailer during the pre-game, it’ll be much later. The latest rumor of actual timing of the trailer is after the 1st quarter, which means it’ll premiere closer to 9:30pm EST.