Marvel Regains the Fantastic Four Rights? Not So Fast…


fantastic-fourThere’s a new rumor today that’s quickly going viral because it’s what fans want to hear, and it says Marvel has regained the rights to Fantastic Four from Fox.

The rumor comes from Den of Geek who says that Marvel traded the X-Men TV rights to Fox in exchange for the Fantastic Four movie rights, including major villains such as Dr. Doom and Galactus. They go on to say that one of Marvel’s unannounced 2020 movies is actually Fantastic Four. While this is something every comic fan dreams of happening, it really doesn’t seem like something that has happened.

Collider checked with sources and said via Twitter:
I’m inclined to agree with Collider as Fox always had the TV rights to X-Men. They just needed Marvel’s “OK” to move forward with any series idea (just so they didn’t do anything super crazy), but they always had the ability to make a series. That’s why the whole theory that Marvel traded the X-Men TV rights for Fantastic Four doesn’t make sense, they didn’t hold the TV rights in the first place.

Along the same note, last night James Gunn did a live Q&A on his Facebook and was asked about Marvel getting the rights back to the Fantastic Four characters and he also said no. He did lament the loss of certain cosmic characters such as the Shi’ar and Kang though.